Shower Ioniser

Improve your physical well-being

For those who want to pay more attention to their body, the Vitalizing Showerheads offer you an effective support for your body-awareness process.

Stimulate your blood circulation

The well-known VITAVORTEX-suction effect, sucking air from below into the swirl chamber, can be used in the VitalityShowers also for a stimulating warm water massage. Run the shower head directly to the skin along your body and experience a pleasant massage. The blood circulation of your skin is increased and the detoxification is intensified.

Increase your vitality

The extremely fine spinned water has vitalizing and harmonizing effect on the meridians and energy centers of your body. By forcing your life energy you increase your vitality and your well-being .

Energizing effect

Our high-speed Vitalizing Showerheads also free your shower water from harmful pollutants. The water is energized and enriched with oxygen. Cascades of tiny drops tune your normal daily shower into a unique wellness experience.

Ionization effect

The fine atomization of the water leads to the so-called waterfall effect (Lenard-Effect) is attributed to the increased ionization of the surrounding air. Breathing air with higher concentration of ionization is generally seen as very beneficial to health.

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Product Features
Product Negative IONS per cm³ Colour
4 Spin 12,000 @ 0.5m White
7 Spin 20,000 @ 0.5 m White


Not Included
Optional Extra

" What a Great water saving device"