Know The Geomed Difference!

GEOMED Air Energiser produces highly ionised filtered air, nearly (96%) free of fungus, virus, bacteria, dust and other particles. This is achieved by using highest quality HEPA filter technology. Only through clean air it is possible to produce the high ionisation with an output average of 11 million negative ions per cm3, less than 0.01% positive ions and no measurable ozone.

No change of the air substance: 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen and 1% inert gases.

No loss of negative ions (15+ millions) at the end of the hose.

Every single Air Ioniser is tested and the ion output measured with the Ionometer IM 5005 or IM 806 from Umweltanalytik Holbach in Germany to guarantee high ion output. A test report is included with each machine.

Because of the clean airflow there cannot be a build-up of an electrostatic field.

REMEMBER: Ionisers without airflow have little or no health or wellness effect, unless they are placed close to fans or air condition outlets.


Some customers wished to have their different brands of ionisers tested. The same Ionometer IM 5005 and IM 806 from Umweltanalytik Holbach was used as in testing the GEOMED products. We found: