AirLight - Active AirLight - Cabin

The Geomed AirLight, Active AirLight and Cabin have been designed specifically for the health practitioner. They employ TRI-Energy technology to give powerful and natural treatment regime. TRI-Energy is the combination of filtered ionised air, full colour light and infra-red light. The AirLight also includes light polarization.

The Geomed TRI-Energy system will give the body (cells) the energy to regenerate and heal faster. Healthy cells live between 15-20% longer and can better manage attacks from bacteria and viruses. According to health professionals injuries, infection, sickness and pain are alleviated in a shorter period of time.

"AirLight, Tunnel and Cabin treatment beyond your expectations in HEALTH - BEAUTY - FITNESS"

Product Features
Product Negative IONS per cm³ Polarised Light Red-LED Multi-LED Short wave Infra-Red Long wave Infra-Red Digital Control H.E.P.A. Filter Replaceable Gold Needle
Cabin 4 - 800,000 @ 1 m
AirLight 15 Million @ 100 mm
Active AirLight 4 - 800,000 @ 500 mm


Not Included
Optional Extra

"Lack of energy is the cause of sickness, pain and misery. Every cell in the human body is an individual that needs energy to live and stay healthy. If the cells have enough energy, they can fight off bacteria and viruses. So health problems are removed"