Frequently Asked Questions

What are Negative Ions?
Negative Ions (or anion) are atoms/molecules in the air that have gained an electron.

What are Positve Ions?
Positive Ions (or cation) are atoms/molecules in the air that have lost an electron.

What is Ozone?
Ozone or trioxgen is a triatomic molecule (also refered to as O3). Ground level ozone is an air pollutant and will have harmful effects on the respiratory system of any living animal including humans.

I thought all Negative ionisers produced ozone?
It is a common misconception that Negative air ionisers produce ozone as well. There are many machines out there that claiming to be negative ioniser when infact all they are is ozone producers with little or no Negative ion output and some even produce positive ions as well as ozone.

Do Geomed Air Energisers produce any ozone or Positive ions?
Geomed air energisers were tested with a device called a drager tube and it found no increase in normal background levels of ozone. So no there is no ozone production.

The production of Postive Ions from the Geomed Air energisers is less than 0.01 percent of the total Ion production. These are nullified by the by negative ions and become neutral. So the short answer would be no.

How do you Measure the Ion output of the Geomed Air Energisers/Ionisers ?
Geomed uses a specially designed industrial Ionometer imported from Germany. Other companies use simple, cheap Ion meters that are very inaccurate and usually cannot discern the difference between positve and negative ions. A company producing ionisers must also have sensitive equipment for detecting very low levels of ozone. Geomed has both the ionometer IM806, IM5005 and Ozone drager tube measurment equipment.

What are circulatory disturbances?
Circulatory disturbances have many causes: arteriosclerosis, medicinal drugs, the patient's psychological state, nicotine, Prinzmetal's angina (in women).
The effect is undersupply of blood in the partial pressure of oxygen, in the binding capacity and the vasotonia. It is possible to reduce the effects by inhaling ionised air.

What effect will ionised air have on your sex life?
It has been observed that regular inhalation in both men and women can lead to an increase in the libido. In individual cases involving women suffering from menopausal estrogen shortages, ionised air can result in a rise in hormones and the restoration of menstruation.

As spermatozoa move anaerobically and their propulsion depends on existing reserves of energy based on phosphate compounds, regular inhalation results in a rapid replenishment of the energy supplies which can lead to higher fertility.

What effects will ionised air have on pregnant women and unborn children?
Ionised air has positive effects on pregnant women and unborn children. Pregnant women enjoy the same advantages as other people when they inhale ionised air.

It is observed that all children including babies, by using ionised air have greater learning capacity. Ionised air supply to the brain stimulates better brain function. Children are also more immune against colds, flu and common sicknesses.

What experiences have you had with drug addicts, smokers, etc.?
Ionised air has significant influence in the detoxification process in the body, i.e. the body regenerates and detoxifies itself more quickly. The result is that withdrawal from drug use is easier for an addicted person (mentally and physically), and less time is required. However, withdrawal for a drug addict should by no means be carried out solely with the ionised air, but should be carried out under medical supervision.

With regard to alcohol consumption it should be noted that immediately after alcohol intake the level of alcohol in the blood increases but then deceases again more quickly when using ionised air. It should be noted that there is no hangover.

What is the effect of ionised air on illnesses such as AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis, Yellow Fever, etc.?
Treatment by using ionised air is not harmful but can only be beneficial. It was observed by natural therapists that in few cases the blood picture improved quite quickly and patients felt better. However, there has been no scientific research done.

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