Geomed Biomedicine offers a range of Air Ionisers (Air Energisers) that will recreate and exceed the naturally occurring levels Negative Air Ions. Geomed Biomedicine believes that highly Ionised air will be of great benifit to you. However despite proven scientific and anectdotal evidence this information is provided as a recomendation only. It is essential that if your symtoms persist and for control of medication you seek the advice of a trained medical practioner.

Geomed will not be held responsible any excessive claims made by its representitives.

All testimonials on this website are given freely by customers but don't represent a scientific proof of effecacy however they do add to the substantial body of annectdotal evidence. Customers full details are withheld for the interest of their privacy.

Geomed Biomedicine bases its equipment design on scientificaly backed biological studies in Optical, Ionisation and air quality experiments. For more information and links to these studies please see the More Info page

All Ion counts given here whinin this website are measured using the Ionometer IM5005 and IM806. Concentrations are given using the mesurement X per cm3, where X = number and cm3 = 1 cubic centimeter. So 10,000,000 per cm3 = 10 million per cubic centimeter.